As a child of the '80s, I LOVE re-living the absurd things we did. Teasing hair (AQUANET, anyone???), leg warmers, jelly bracelets....I love it.

National Geographic Channel has a six-part miniseries on the '80s, called 'The 80s:  The Decade That Made Us', hosted by the ultimate '80s guru, Rob Lowe.  I only caught a few minutes of last night's parts, but definitely want to set the DVR for the next four installments.

I've gathered a few highlights from comprehensive surveys they did to prepare for the show.  Feel free to add your favorite memories!

  • What '80s TV family would you most want to be adopted by? The Cosby Show took first place honors.
  • The top '80s make-out song went to The Police's "Every Breath You Take". (We didn't catch on to it being a stalker-esque type song until later!)
  • The movie that defined the decade went to one that focused on the '60s -- Back To The Future.
  • The best '80s movie couple went to Johnny and Baby from 'Dirty Dancing'...and to this day, nobody puts Baby in the corner.
  • What musician had the biggest influence on today's artists?  Michael Jackson by a landslide.
  • Favorite "Brat Pack" member went to Demi Moore.  I thought for SURE Molly Ringwald would take that honor, but she was a close second.

Other categories included...

Most important tech invention of the '80s -- the personal computer (I'm still using a Commodore 64 here at work....)

Top '80s fashion fad people never want to see again went to shoulder pads ("The wider the shoulders, the smaller the hips" was a theme).

BEST '80s fashion?  Leg warmers.  Nowadays I guess we just keep our legs warm with...pants?


<3 LD