Say hello to Tristan...or maybe I should put it this way: Say hello to "TRI-stan"! What do I mean? Well, "TRI" means three, so this is a perfect name since this cute little guy only has three legs!

This new addition to our family came our way from a local rescue shelter. The story goes that this Yorkshire/Poodle mix was hit by a car. Someone, not the owner, rushed him to a veterinarian who felt there was a chance he would survive, but would need his badly damaged left leg amputated. That was back in late August. Sad to say, no one claimed ownership of Tristan, but fortunately he did end up in the loving care of  a rescue shelter based in Tonawanda. The shelter is called "Better Days Are Coming Dog Rescue Inc.".

About two weeks ago, after we had to put our beloved 13-year-old dog, Pearl, to sleep, we became aware of this little guy. But were still grieving. However, one look at the video of him running around and playing, we realized Tristan needed us...and we needed him. We are pleased to say Tristan has settled in nicely, listens well, is very lovable, has no issues and also gets along great with our two older female cats. Tristan is estimated to be about a year and half old and has adapted nicely to his "situation." I do believe God and our Pearl had something to do with this. Thanks Lord, and good girl, Pearl! We miss and love you...and always will.

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